Any future in holding IFCAMSC stock?

Any future in holding IFCAMSC stock?

Still remember IFCAMSC stock? We mentioned it once last year. Our sell signal indicated dropped and did you sell it?

What are the consequences if you had withheld and did not sell …

Malaysia stock IFCA MSC BHD (IFCAMSC 0023) Last year highest … RM1.86

Malaysia stock IFCA MSC BHD (IFCAMSC 0023)

When it fell to RM1.30, grapevine gossips predicted it will rise to RM2.50; when it fell to RM1, your prediction is that it will reverse course soon. However, its share price continued to tumble all the way down. It once hit as low as RM0. 545.

IFCAMSC highest price a year ago was RM1.86, and eventually fell to RM0.545 – a drop of about 70%.

Malaysia stock IFCA MSC BHD (IFCAMSC 0023)

Above chart shown the latest trend of IFCAMSC. Is it time to buy?

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