Avoid having the “buying and not selling” atitute to inflict harm to yourself

Avoid having the “buying and not selling” atitute to inflict harm to yourself

Let us talk about “selling” stocks.

Everyone knows how to buy, but not many know the correct timing to sell.

The first principle in investment is: how to preserved the purchased stocks rather than making money. If you can’t even preserve your own capitals, why talk on how to make money?

Do not let your stubborn emotional temper inflict harm to yourself!

Let the following chart help you to overcome this obstacle and make a rational choice!

Taiwan stock: CTBC Financial Holding Co Ltd (2891)

CTBC Financial Holding Co Ltd 中信金

The above chart can clearly let you know the correct timing to buy and sell! The timely arbitrage will assist you to avoid future losses to snowball to bigger losses.

People who only know how to “Buy” but not “Sell” might earn a little and in the long run if a loss occurred, it will be quite substantial.

After buying in and should the stock do not go the way you expected, don’t feel disappointed. However, if you know the correct timing to sell, you may end up earning even more rather than losing.

This is the investment strategy you have to digest. So have you absorbed it?

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