COMEX Silver Futures investment

COMEX Silver Futures investment

Silver Futures (SI) investment can generate profits by long or short positions.

Commodities investments include gold, crude oil, agricultural products etc. Silver is among one of them.

To trade physical Silver, you must pay the full (100%) fund amount; where else in the commodities market, you just required a very small capital to invest.

Not many people are investing in physical silver as investment items as it is not easy to convert it into cash as compared to gold, due to its lack of liquidity.

COMEX Silver SI Commodities investment

In the bull and bear markets, investment in the commodities market can be profitable, as this is a two way trading market. You can make profits by buying up or down.

Referring to the chart above, trade according to SPICY CHILLI entry and exit signals.

Minor adjustment recommendation: Buy low, Sell high, and follow the silver price movements, then strike decisively when opportunities arise!

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