Don’t Rely on Inside Information

Don’t Rely on Inside Information

Many investors are relying on inside information or rumors to make investments.

Information / rumors like, I was recommended by XXX blog to buy stocks ABC; I heard from XXX that the stock prices  ABC will be rising soon etc.

If you are still relying on unreliable information or hearsay to buy stocks, an advice to you to discard this “bad habit” mentality immediately.

The first time you profit through inside information, it may be a coincidence and the second time it may be pure luck. However, remember that luck may not favor you all the time.

How reliable are inside information?

Its just like a stranger on the walkway exclaiming to you: “Hey, there is money to pick!”

Do you trust him?

When every Tom, Dick and Harry can get the inside information; do you still consider this information privileged and reliable?

INSIDERS software equipped with an advanced technology and formula, enable you to make investments without relying on any news or inside information!

The following chart: US Intel Corporation (NASQAD: INTC)

US Intel Corporation (NASQAD: INTC)

US Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) is the world’s largest chips manufacturer, with the title of “semiconductor’s hegemony”.

From the chart above, we observed that the price of INTC did rise substantially after the BUY signal appeared.

Where else, the sell signal made its appearance at a very high price. Soon after, the price of INTC slides downward.

From the price of RM36.89 on 9th of December, it fell to RM31.27 on the 1st of April.

Meanwhile, OLA indicated  that the future trend of INTC is on a downward trend.

With self understanding and acknowledgment, you fully know that this share is not recommended for purchasing.

With INSIDERS, grasping the right opportunity to buy/sell stocks and predicting future trends, is no longer a problem.

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