Dow Jones index fell 346.19 points on Monday

Dow Jones index fell 346.19 points on Monday (approximately 1.93%)

What factors Dow Jones index to fall 346.19 points in one day?

The announcement by Greece the implementation of capital controls and close the banks, lead Asia-Pacific stock markets across the board to fall and Dow Jones Index is no exception.

If you know it only after the press release. Aren’t you too late?

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) 6 months chart:

Dow Jones Industrial Average DJI

According to the above chart, Spicy Chilli Exit Price (hollow dot’s price) has already demonstrated and lets you short at high before the Greece’s event. You are already entering a short position and waiting to take profit.

If you are unaware of the incident and hold the opposite position, won’t you be at the losing end?

Can your current investment tools help you catch the timing? You not only earn more money but also avoid risks!

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