Earn Short-term Profits to Avoid Crafty Bear Market

Earn Short-term Profits to Avoid Crafty Bear Market

Parkson stock (5657) —— Sell your withholding shares at the right timing in order to maintain certain profits.

Prior to the advent of the bear market, Parkson share price was thriving; and when the bear market begin to emerge, Parkson’s share price starts to drop all the way and has no sign of a rebound!

See Parkson share price six months chart as shown below:

Earn Short-term Profits to Avoid Crafty Bear Market - Malaysia Stock Parkson

Green Region: OLA showing upward trend
Situation 1: Before this six months, if you have entered the market to buy Parkson’s shares; you just have to wait for the Sell-Signal to appear and then exit the market.
Situation 2: If you are unaware of the unforeseen bear market appearance and have entered the market late… … It’s still okay, provided that OLA is still in an upward trend. Follow buy-signal and buy Parkson shares, you still have time to exit the market before share price drops! This is because INSIDERS provides signals to warn you the timing to exit the market. Within this short period (1 month), you not only have escaped from the bear market, but also have earned a profit around RM0.24!

Red Region: OLA showing downward trend.
Share price will continue to drop until the bear market ends; thus is not a good timing to make any trading activities. You only start to select stocks to invest when the bull market is in sight!

How to avert been trapped in the bear market?

With INSIDERS, you only have to grasp the right timing to enter the market before the share price rise, and exit before the share price drops.

As long as the timing is right, you will still make a profit!

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