ECOWLD 8206 crisis as a turning point

ECOWLD 8206 crisis as a turning point

Before the stock price rise from the stock market down turn, most people view it as a crisis.

For some large institutional investors or experienced investors, this is the best time to enter the market and accumulative stocks.

In order to avoid the confused sudden rise in the stock market or uncertainties that may occur affecting our judgments, we need preparation before investing.

Preparation before investing.

  • Emotional adjustment – stays cool and has a calm mind.
  • Avoid impulsive moods to invest.
  • Calm and thoughtful mood is the best time for investment.

EcoWld (8206) crisis as a turning point

Based on the chart above, Malaysia stock EcoWld 8206 make profit in the short-term.

Orange circle represent the bottom/lowest price of stock, at the same time it also shows that the crisis is at a turning point.

At this time you can use buy low sell high strategies to make profits.

2 Ways of investment:

  1. Make fast money in short-term. Based on SPICY CHILLI signals given, full dot indicate to buy and until dot reappear, only sell.
  2. Buy and hold strategies. OLA shows this stock is in an uptrend.

Investment is so simple.

“No need to worry about the uncertain future but to put efforts understanding the current situation” –

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