Effective Ways To Increase Your Shareholdings

Effective Ways To Increase Your Shareholdings

The secret of reducing risks and increasing the stake is here! When stock prices are low, increase the holdings. Vice versa, when stock prices are high; wait to sell.

Caution: many investors always buy at high prices in the market.

Note: Many investment Coaches are teaching people wrongly using the buy high method. The reason is that they themselves are not familiar with the buy low and sell high method, arguing that buy low sell high is not achievable.

Are you aware of it?

It’s not impossible but is just that they are not accustoming to it.

However, to solve this problem…

Take a look at INSIDERS stock investment software and note how it can help you to reduce the risks of increased holdings…

Refer to the following chart: KESM Industries Berhad 9334

KESM Industries Berhad 9334

According to the above chart, INSIDERS green buy signal of the stock price is at the security zone when it occurred: so you buy at a low price and hold.

OLA trend line continued upward, meaning that the stock price has the potential to rise and when the grey turning point appears, seize the chance to increase your stake.

INSIDERS is an excellent accurate stock investment software that can help you improve your investment profits.

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