Everyone can create wealth in the stock market

Everyone can create wealth in the stock market

In the process of creating wealth, most people will encounter investment mindset obstacles; wondering whether they can earn a lot of money like a million or billion. However, they doubted their ability that they can achieve it and naturally reluctant to move forward. Why?

Their first negative mindset is: I won’t do it as I can’t achieve it and is beyond my capability!

Therefore, it is important that before really embarking on creating wealth in the stock market, they themselves must have the confident and the right positive mindset.

Have a positive subconscious mind to lead you to success, as the mind is the creation of reality!

Most rich people started from zero as not everyone is born rich. They worked hard to achieve their goals. They can do it, so are you.

In fact, investment is one of the stepping stones to financial freedom.

Initial investing does not need large amounts of capitals, you can start investing in cheaper stocks like Malaysia stock CAREPLS (0163).

Malaysia stock CAREPLS 0163

Based on the buy signal on 25th Aug 2014, CAREPLS’ lowest price was at RM0.345. Basing on the sell signal indicated with the sell high at RM0.52, a profit of RM0.175 is earned – half the capital cost.

Remember, stock investment is a game played with its own rules. Therefore, we have to be cautious to achieve our goal by not taking high risks. Remember, never lose money to gain profits.

Applying the same method, use the initial capital and the profits earned to invest in other profitable stocks. By using this repeatedly profitable method, you are closer to achieving your goal.

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