Generate profits with capital $1000: Malaysia stock ASIAPAC

Generate profits with capital $1000: Malaysia stock ASIAPAC 

Our previous article ” How to make $2000 in 1 month? “ showed you the way to make $2,000 in a month and disclosed to you the step by step plan to accumulate wealth.

The following chart: Malaysia stock ASIAN PAC HOLDINGS BHD (ASIAPAC 4057)

Malaysia stock ASIAN PAC HOLDINGS BHD 4057

Capital: RM1,000

Funds to use: RM0.23 x 40 lots (4,000 units) = RM920

Estimated profit: RM0.045 x 40 lots = RM180

A weekly earning of $100’s goal is easily achievable.

Every small step can lead you to achieve your dreams, so long as you follow the plan.

“Winners are path finders while losers are lame excusers.” – FatnRich

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