Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Investment Secret Method

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Investment Secret Method

Investment strategy:

1. Predict the future trends in advance
2. Enter the market with right direction
3. Enter the market at right timing


1. How to predict the future trend?
2. How to find the right timing to enter the market?


To trade Hang Seng Index successfully, two basic elements must be considered: the right tools and the right attitude.


The following chart: Hong Kong Hang Seng Index (HSI)

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index (HSI)

INSIDERS investment software illustration: (can be learnt and used immediately)

When OLA shows an upward trend, INSIDERS buy signal appear, the price rise, buy and hold.

When index price reaches OLA’s highest price level, do not chase high to buy, you should be prepared to arbitrage.

Investment Tips:

Risk management investment is very important, market fluctuations can make you earn money but also lose money, so you have to know the key factors in making every trading decision and where to set stop-loss point.

INSIDERS investment software allows you to predict the future trend.

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