How to know the rising stock price and abstain from rush selling?

How to know the rising stock price and abstain from rush selling?

After buying the stock and its price rose, what are the likely problems investors normally encountered?

# 1: Unsure how much the stock price will rise further?
# 2: How much is the likely stock price rise range?
# 3: Is the stock going to fall soon?
# 4: Has the stock price risen to it highest point?

How to resolve these problems?

Look at our new INSIDERSOLA + RAINBOW」how it can help you get the most out of your investment.

Refer to the following chart: Canadian stock Air Canada (TSE: AC)

Canadian stock Air Canada (TSE: AC)

RAINBOW can help you distinguish between the Safe and Risky zone; it can also let you know when the stock is in an adjustment stage. The adjustment stage is the region between Blue and Yellow area on what we call the Shaky Zone.

When the stock price reaches to the shaky zone, it means that the stock is on slight adjustment. OLA still up, meaning that there is still space to rise. So investors do not need to rush to sell. While awaiting for the stock price to reach the risky zone; once OLA turns down, sell accordingly to the appearance of sell signal.

Knowing this secret will surely stabilize your investment!

If your current method does not help you to resolve this problem, it is time to change to our stock investment software INSIDERS!

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