Inquisitive To Know More On How To Buy Low Sell High In The Short-term?

Inquisitive To Know More On How To Buy Low Sell High In The Short-term?

People often ignore the market when the stock price falls sharply, even though there still exist the profitable opportunities.

During the stocks fall time, investors accumulate the stocks judiciously. When the stocks price rise high again then they sell it off immediately. However, some ignorance retail investors often purchase the stocks when the price has already risen. Thus become a sacrificial sheep in the stock market.

If you want to approach short-term investing stocks, you must know how to choose the right timing to buy before the stock rise. Be a smart investor to sell before the stock price declined.

Refer to the chart below : MELEWAR Industrial Group Bhd MELEWAR 3778

MELEWAR Industrial Group Bhd MELEWAR 3778

Short-term investment trading method :

1. When OLA trend line began to turn up, RICH green buy signal appeared. The next day, the stock price rise, buy and hold.
2. In the middle of April, MELEWAR stock price has exceeded the upper end of the grey OLA line. Meaning that the stock price is too high. Based on the red sell signal, you can consider selling it in order to preserve profits.
3. OLA trend line maintain upwards until its share price fell from a high-price to low-price area. If a buy signal or tipping point appeared and the stock price rise up the next day, enter and hold .
4. If OLA trend line begins to turn downwards; the red sell signal appeared and subsequently the next day the stock price falls, sell and get profits. Late rally stocks buying should not be held too long but must be disposed off quickly and get profits.

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