INSIDERS helps you to decide the timing to trade stocks

INSIDERS helps you to decide the timing to trade stocks

You should know how to seize the market timing to enter and exit from the market to avoid the euphoria feelings of ending up with nothing.

The only word you must remember when dealing with Malaysia stock market in these five consecutive months is: SELL

“Yes, just sell!” –

Many investors in the market do not know the right timing to do the right thing!

Reference to Hong Kong stock market, you can observe that when the stock price for China Galaxy Securities (CGS) is slightly lower, its trade volume face a doldrums.

However, when the stock price began to rise, investors flock to the stock market, resulting in a greatly improved volume turnover. They tend to scramble to purchase the stock only after the stock price has risen.

Are you one of them?

Hong Kong stock 06881
If you had followed INSIDERS signals to trade, you would have already gained profits when these people are scrambling to buy the stocks.

But this is not the end!

INSIDERS’s OLA predicts that the stock price will continue to rise further.

In other words, you will have 2 options:

1) Continue to hold the stock, only when OLA started to turn down, based on the sell signal to sell;

2) follow the higher point which OLA has detected, then sell in accordance with the sell signal (red).

Trading stocks is so simple with INSIDERS!

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