INSIDERS – Solving Human Investment Weaknesses

INSIDERS – Solving Human Investment Weaknesses

When investors buy stocks, they will likely encounter these FIVE major problems!

Problem 1: Indiscriminate shares’ buying – buying the wrong shares

Majority of investors rely on newspaper and news to buy so called potential stocks; if the newspaper said the stock is good, followed by friends words of mouth, they will follow to buy in, often expecting immediate gain, However, unfortunately the next day the price drops!

Problem 2: Buy timing – buy at the wrong time

Perhaps the news is correct, but unsure of the time to buy.  The day volume shows that the price at buying time is at an unusual high, but crashed the next day!

Problem 3: Buy but reluctant to sell – reluctant to sell even there is profit to make.

In most cases when the stock rises to a certain extent, it will fall. A lot of investors knows the truth, but fail to act accordingly. Some investors sense that if they sell the stock now, it will increase further.

Problem 4: Unwilling to sell even at a loss

Some investors buy today and the next day it crashed but still refused to sell it. They think it will rise, but never think about their capital entrapped. You have to ask yourself, why are you hesitating to sell?

Problem 5: Investment is not speculation or betting

Investment is not speculation or betting based on luck nor your randomly pick potential stocks that can help you earn money. What you really need is to choose a few shares that can let you earn money in a short time.

Refer to chart below: Taiwan Stocks – Yageo Corporation 2327

Taiwan Stock - Yageo Corporation 2327

If you rely on our INSIDERS’s buy and sell signal instructions to invest, you can easily earn money without any difficulties!

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