Learnt stock trading today and start trading tomorrow!

Learnt stock trading today and start trading tomorrow!

Even pro stock traders cannot do this; learnt today, trade tomorrow! The reason been that they learnt the difficult ways to invest in stocks.

Did you learnt this difficult methods: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis?

How do you find the methods? Difficult to master to make money?

How long do you need to master it?

Before starting to invest, you must carefully consider all these questions.

However, let me show you as an amateur trader, you can also make easy money like the stock market master!

Reference to the latest technical analysis of the Malaysian stock chart: Digital Barriers Ltd (DGB 0152)

Stock Market Latest Data Analysis: Digital Barriers Ltd (DGB 0152)

This is no more a secret investment tip as we have earlier revealed it to the public for reference.

Buy low sell high” is the best way to invest.

To make money in the stock market, you have to know how to buy low and sell high.

Relying on this three simple steps, you can buy low and sell high, with reference to the above figure.

Three steps to buy:
#1: Stock price reaches RAINBOW green level.
#2: OLA grey trend line turn up.
#3: RICH buy signal appears, the next day the stock rise, buy and hold, enabling you to approach it at the very low price.

Three steps to sell:
#1: Stock price reaches RAINBOW red level.
#2: OLA grey trend line turns down.
#3: RICH sell signal appears, the next day the stock fell – sell. Thus enabling you to sell at the high price.

Buy low sell high strategy is whispered everywhere, but how many really engage into it?

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