Making money during Chinese New Year holidays!

Making money during Chinese New Year holidays!

While not working on Chinese New Year, you can also make money! Most people started their early holidays and began the celebration before the arrival of a new year.

Where and how to earn the extra angpow during the New Year?

Malaysia Crude Palm Oil CPO is the best selected choice!

CPO Malaysia Crude Palm Oil

Crude Palm Oil CPO trading strategy: Spicy Chilli signal is able to predict the targeted entry and exit market prices; just follow the signal to buy!

Basing on the Spicy Chilli entry price and buy Malaysia Crude Palm Oil CPO and hold it until now, you would have earned 192 points within two weeks.

Calculation profit method for Crude Palm Oil CPO:

1 point = RM25
A contract: 192 points x RM25 = earn RM4800
Presumably if you gain half the earning: RM2400 – a big angpao!

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