Malaysia FKLI Futures Trading

Malaysia FKLI Futures Trading

Malaysia KLCI Index Futures (FKLI) current position: Long ( buy and hold )

Malaysia Futures contract (FKLI contract):
Deposit = RM4,000
Per Points = RM50

Take note: Malaysia Futures Trading Sessions is from Monday to Friday:
Morning 8:45 am ~ 12:45 pm
Afternoon 2:30 pm ~ 5:15 pm

Investors can choose to invest in Futures by day trading (Intraday) or Buy & Hold method.

The following chart is Malaysia Futures FKLI: the investment strategies with buy and hold method that may bring profitable results.

Malaysia KLCI Futures Index (FKLI)

Malaysia Futures can be traded by buying up or down.

Buy up (Long) mean, if price rises, you make a profit, otherwise a loss; similarly
buy down (Short) means that if prices fall, you either make a profit or a loss.

Irrespective of any markets’ investments, you have to set cut loss point (SET STOP LOSS) to avoid more losses and also to protect your principal.

If you are in a dilemma of the future market trends or applying the wrong investment strategies, you lose may everything or even incurred more expenses.

Why not consider the use of this investment tools – INSIDERS – to help you to reduce losses and increase your chances of making profits?

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