RAINBOW’s Four Major Selling Points

RAINBOW’s Four Major Selling Points

RAINBOW – the latest release features of the INSIDERS investment software.

RAINBOW – comprising of 4 colors: red, blue, yellow and green; with each representing a different phase.

The red area represents the RISK Zone, indicating the stock price is moving slowly reaching its peak.

Blue and yellow area are FAST Zone, signal that the stock price is rising relatively quick and fast. Trading at this time allow you to make FAST MONEY.

Should the stock price move in between Blue and Yellow, this is a SHAKY Zone area. A period of share price adjustments or side way movements. At this time you should observe first before consider arbitraging.

Green area is a SAFE zone. This so-called safe zone belong to the low price stocks that are rising at a relatively slow rate. So when the stock prices emerge through this stage accompany with OLA appearance and the buy signal or Spicy Chilli entry price displayed – enter.

Investment software INSIDERS new feature Rainbow

RAINBOW features cannot be applied into other investment software. It has no effect if used in a conventional technical analysis chart.

With the combination of RAINBOW and OLA these two features, our INSIDERS investment software become more powerful!

Benefits of RAINBOW:

1. Shorten the analysis time:
Analyze the stock prices based on the phase of RAINBOW, enabling you to decide whether to buy or sell off the stocks. If in an adjustment phase, you can decide to temporarily arbitrage and so on.

2. Identify the Bottom entry point and the right timing to buy, thus reducing your risks of entry at high price.

3. Surged timing enable you to adjust for share price spirals.

4. Provide share price analysis according to phases – adjustment phase, surged timing, drop zone.

Interested to know more on RAINBOW?

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