Did you select the right stocks to invest?

Did you select the right stocks to invest?

People involve themselves in investment with one objective in mind; to make profits!

Have you ever been in limbo wondering whether the stocks that you decided to buy or sell will either bring you profits or losses?

Please have a look at the 2 charts below,

Malaysia shares solid perdana

The price for SOLID is now on the up trend phase; while the price for PERDANA is on the down trend.

Concurrently at about the same price, which stock would you want to withhold?

Obviously SOLID isn’t it?

In the stock market, as long as you can clearly recognize the upward trend, you will make a profit from it.

There are sometimes when stock market may not be performing well but there are still some investors will randomly pick some stocks to invest.

In fact, the most tragic part for most investors is not being able to recognize the trends.
Not knowing this important fact, they can actually buy a more promising stock with the same equivalent price.

Careful considerations must given in investing and decisions should not be made hastily.

Even in the bull run market, investors who do not understand the market trends will ended up losing their money!

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