Smart Investor’s Investing Method on —— MAYBANK

Smart Investor’s Investing Method on —— MAYBANK

Malaysia Bank Limited (Maybank) was founded in 1960; it is currently the largest market capitalization of listed companies in Malaysia, with total assets of 337 billion!

For investors, MAYBANK is a safe investment because the probability of bankruptcy or closure is almost zero.

Is this type of thinking mindset correct?

Smart Investor Investing Method on MAYBANK

Let’s look at this from another prospective:

The trading volume for MAYBANK increased significantly since July until September this year.
But its share price has continued to decline, from about RM10 to about RM8.60.
The different is about RM1.40!

If your trading principle is to “buy low and sell high”, then you should be selling at RM 10 and buy-in at a lower price isn’t?

The old way of thinking will not help you to make profits in the market;
In order to be a smart investor, you should do the right things at the right time.

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