[Stock] How to Invest in Blue Chip

[Stock] How to Invest in Blue Chip

What is the purpose of your blue chips investment? To be its shareholder? If not, then why withhold its stock for so long time? Or do you perceived that blue chips are large companies with good, long-term steady growth, and satisfactory dividends distribution to its shareholder …

You should have a clear goal if you want to make money in the stock market, the method to apply is available here.

In fact, investing in blue-chip stocks required large capitals, but low returns.

For the past six months not all blue-chip stocks price has risen, TASEK, PANAMY, BAT stock prices has been going down instead of up. If you are buying these shares, then you are running a big risk!

We have the method to make profits from blue chips stocks, we only need one way to make money, that is, buying low and selling high.

INSIDERS artificial intelligence investment software make use of this buy low and sell high methodology (in the blue chip), it is as simple as 1-2-3.

Refer to Malaysian Blue Chip: KESM Industries Berhad 9334

Malaysian Blue Chip: KESM Industries Berhad 9334

Blue chips … Buy in Green safe area and sell in Red risky area.

Remember: Do not be tempted to buy blue chips in the Red risky zone.

[INSIDERS is a new generation investment method]

Three steps to buy:
#1: Stock price reaches RAINBOW green level.
#2: OLA grey trend line turn up.
#3: RICH buy signal appears, the next day the stock price rise; buy and hold, thus enabling you to approach it at a very low price.

Three steps to sell:
#1: Stock price reaches RAINBOW red level.
#2: OLA grey trend line turns down.
#3: RICH sell signal appears, the next day the stock price fall – sell. Thus enabling you to sell at the high price.

With INSIDERS, you can earn easy money by investing in blue chips.

A good investment tool help you in investing in penny stocks or high-priced stocks irrespective of market’s conditions, as its approach method is consistent.

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