Stock market unspoken rules

Stock market unspoken rules

In any game, there is bound to be winners and losers,
This perfectly a normal thing.

The same goes to the stock market.

If you want to be a winner in the stock market, then you have to abide by the unspoken rules.

Among them, one of it will be… the trend, which is not your friend!

Once you have a clear understanding of the trends, you will be one step behind than the others; as you might be generating lesser profits or even ended up with losses!

But many investors tend to ignore this important point, isn’t it?

Look at the following chart of SUMATEC, the stock price has been heading downwards, yet investors keep on buying as volume continued to rise, leading to the daily trading volume hit TOP 1!

Stock market unspoken rules SUMATEC

The price for SUMATEC fell all the way until 15 Dec 2014.

Since INSIDERS’s OLA caught its low point; it is predicted that the stock price is going to have a rebound.

If you await for the price to rebound and then make your buying decisions, you will be lagging behind others.

Do you think this investment method is correct?

Investment needs deep knowledge; and not based on frequency of operations, but right operations!

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