Successful investment principle for Taiwan Index TWII

Successful investment principle for Taiwan Index TWII

Successful primary principle in investing: Follow the market trend instead of acting against it.

The market has its own trend, whether it is uptrend or downtrend; the trend direction of the market is not possible to be conceptualized in a single day. Once it is accepted, it then becomes difficult to change within a short time.

The following is a TSEC Taiwan Weighted Index (TWII) 6 months trend:

TSEC Taiwan Weighted Index (TWII)

Should the market trend change, investors should follow accordingly in order to succeed.

The consequences are often disastrous if you act in opposition.

The essence of investment is to know and differentiate the market’s major trends. Once you had mastered it, you are assured to stroll along the road to success, thus avoiding losses and reap more profits.

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