Taiwan stock: Use your hard earn money to buy wisely

Taiwan stock: Use your hard earn money to buy wisely

Do you approach the market only when the stock volume is high?

You would have profited if you had bought it earlier in the range of NT$11.60.

What would have been your likely purchasing price, if you had bought it during the high volume period?

Are you chasing high to buy United Microelectronics Corp 2303? Let’s explore on how to reap profit from this stock.

Look at the Taiwan stock: United Microelectronics Corp 2303

Taiwan stock: United Microelectronics Corp 2303

Approaching the stock based on INSIDERS green buy signal:

Buy signal: INSIDERS’s RICH green buy signal
Presumed buying price: NT$11.60 (buy before volume surge up high)
Cut loss point: NT$11.40 (based on 1-2 days low before the signal appeared, low risk apply)
Yesterday highest price: NT$12.85

Buy: 1,000 units
Capital: NT$11,600
Present gains: NT$1,250/10%

Buy: 10,000 units
Capital: NT$116,000
Present gains: Profits NT$12,500

INSIDERS let you buy before the stock price surges: Buy
#1: The stock price reaches the green level.
#2: OLA trend line turns upward.
#3: Buy signal appears, the stock price next day rise, buy and hold it.

INSIDERS abstain you from buying at high price, thus decreasing your risks of been ensnared by the market.

Even as a small investor, you must invest wisely.

Buy before the stock price surges. With INSIDERS, you can achieve it.

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