Techniques to Double the Profits of Malaysia stock TAKASO

Techniques to double the profits of Malaysia stock Takaso Resources Bhd

Holding stocks for long-term is one way to maximize investment returns. Obviously you must enter the market at the right timing when the price is at the lowest. This approach can categorically be helpful to people who are busy like professionals or businessmen. They just need minimum time to observe the market.

However, there are two disadvantages about long-term investment method:

1. Long-term investing
This method may not be suitable for all shares. It doesn’t matter whether you hold it for 5 years or 10 years, if you have bought the wrong stocks; it would cause you to lose money. The end result is, you not only wasted your years of keeping, but also the money tied up. During that time frame, if you have used these tied up funds to invest in other stocks, you might have even make more profits.

2. Earn Dividends
Some investors have the misconception that long-term investment can earn dividends. Do you realize that whenever after the dividends’ distribution, the share price decline? Why did it happen?

By holding on to a stock for a duration of 5 to 10 years, do you think it will generate a lot of profits? Ponder for a moment.

During that period, share prices will be fluctuating; the day you are still holding not selling the stock, even the share price has risen very high, the profits gained are on paper only. Once the price falls, profits dwindled and you are face with stress and anxiety. Do you think this investment approach is correct?

The purpose of investing is to create wealth; not losses or fear.

Profit doubles method:

Buy low, sell high investment strategy

Malaysia stock TAKASO 7071

This profitable buy low and sell high method, not only allows you to enjoy profitable investment returns but also eliminate the worries or anxieties when the price is falling or on the downtrend.

Correct and wise investment methods can generate high returns; investing blindly only waste time and money!

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