The Know-how To Gain 1146% Profits !

The Know-how To Gain 1146% Profits !

Prima BioMed Ltd is an anti-cancer drug maker located at Australia.

Last week, PBMD announced that according to the Phase II clinical trial data shown on the treatment of epithelial ovarian cancer; CAN-003 medicine, has proven to be effective in enhancing the patients’ survival rate, thus raising hope for the unfortunate sufferers.

After the news was announced, the share price of PBMD rose dramatically immediately.

Chart below: US Stock Prima BioMed Ltd PBMD

US Stock Prima BioMed Ltd PBMD

According to the chart above, INSIDERS investment software notify you with the BUY signal in advance before the stock price rose substantially and at the same time, OLA (Grey Line) also indicated that the stock price is about to rise.

If you are still using traditional technical analysis method, don’t you think it is too late to foresee the above movement (before the price increased)?

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