The secret of investing Forex Spot Gold with $100

The secret of investing Forex Spot Gold with $100

Why are people afraid to invest in Forex?

Does it require a lot of capital? High investment risks involved?

The truth is: if your used fund is only USD100, then your risk is limited to USD100.

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The secret of investing Forex Spot Gold: Please refer to the diagram below Spot Gold – XAUUSD

Forex trading tips Spot Gold - XAUUSD

The simple investment method by INSIDERS:

Step 1: Red full dot buy signal (Chilli Entry Price) – buy.
Step 2: Red hollow dot sell signal (Chilli Exit Price) – sell.

You do not need a lot of capital to start investing in Forex, USD100 is sufficient.

Is there any others investment markets that require lower capital than Forex?

Your risk: USD100 dollars. It is a risk everyone can afford to take as participated amount of money involved is small.

Your returns: you can easily double the amount of USD100 within a short period (provided the right investment strategy is used).

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