The Truth of THHEAVY 7206

The Truth of THHEAVY 7206

Many investors think that it is only during the BULL’s market time they can earn and loss only when the market is in the BEAR!

On the contrary, if the entry / exit market timing is right, the BEAR market is easier to make money than the BULL, and also earn more! (PS: Short only applies to options trading.)

We welcome lower market prices of stocks we own as an opportunity to acquire even more of a good thing at a better price.”,  quoted from Warren Buffett.

This is the truth of a BEAR market. Therefore, you must buy the stocks at the bottom of BEAR market, and sell them off at the peak of BULL market.

Let’s have a look on the following chart: Malaysian share THHEAVY 7206

Malaysia shares THHEAVY 7206

It doesn’t matter whether stocks or options, there is always a rise, fall or sideways movements in the stock market.

Entering or exiting the market without fully understanding the trends, will land you in worrisome.

How can we know about the trend of a particular stock in advance?

From the chart above, we observed that after THHEAVY has fallen and moved sideways continuously, THHEAVY is likely to move upward or downward. Question is, how can we determine the future trend in advance?

Based on the OLA displayed above, OLA clearly indicated that the stock is going to move upward after the sideways movements. This give you sufficient preparation time in buying the stocks.

Ponder for a moment, without the assistance of INSIDERS’s OLA signals, how do you think the result would be?

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