Thousands of first timer market entrants’ mind set

Thousands of first timer market entrants’ mind set – How to create wealth in stock market?

Bill Gates made a substantial fortune by buying a stocks; Warren Buffet build his wealth by buying a basket of stocks.
How long have you been involved or indulged in the stock market?
Are you satisfied with your earnings from the stock market?

In the stock market, share prices are easily affected by world daily events, thus you will always have to monitor the shares or do stocks analysis.
How much time do you spend on stock analysis before making a trading decision?
Making a trading decision is simple; but the difficult part is to control the buy-sell timing.
How can an investor earn his first return in the stock market?

Given the chance now:
You do not need to spend time and money to learn stocks analysis, yet can still decide the buy-sell timing in a short period.
You also do not need to be an expert to identify the stock trends and trade timing.
Even as a beginner, you can know the trade timing and stocks’ trends even faster than an expert.
Will you choose this option?

It is not impossible! With its help, everything is possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or a beginner, look at the following chart as US Stock – Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ):
Can you determine the share high and low points?

US Stock – Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ)

In these six months, how many high and low points have you found?
In fact, you can easily see the stock price high and low points’ trends.

OLA has this feature!
OLA can predict the future trends, detect high and low points in order to allow you to make trading decision!
[Red areas represent high point while Green areas represent low point.]
OLA can detect low (high) share price, and with the appearance of buy-signal (sell-signal) you could enter (exit) the market, vice versa.

Buy-signal appears, next day share price rise – BUY;
Sell-signal appears, next day share price drop – SELL.

It is suitable to trade stocks when OLA showing uptrend.
This is because share price is in the upward trends, thus you maximize profits and minimize risks.

However, when OLA began to turn down, it is not suitable for any trading.
Even if OLA detect high or low points, you also need to wait for the appearance of buysell signals. You need to be extra cautious as the share price may edge downtrend.

As a precaution, do not focus on trading this stock when it is on downtrend.
You should choose either to trade other uptrend stocks or invest in other investment markets. Thus, enabling you to earn higher profits with lower risks.

INSIDERS will provide you with a Stock Scanner where it can help you to filter speculative stocks. You only need to choose several stocks from the list and trade.
INSIDERS makes your life easy as it provides high accuracy signals to reduce your investment risks and maximize profits.

Besides day dreaming on how to create wealth in stock market, why not choose INSIDERS as a guidance and fulfill that dream?

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