Trade Forex Spot Silver (XAGUSD) using Buy and Hold Strategy

Trade Forex Spot Silver (XAGUSD) using Buy and Hold Strategy

In the Foreign Exchange Market, the most highly volatile pairs are Spot Gold (XAUUSD) and Spot Silver (XAGUSD). This phenomenon causes daring traders to use only Day-Trade method to trade in this two pairs. Due to high risks involved in trading Spot Gold and Spot Silver, traders resist the use of Buy&Hold Strategy as high accuracy signals are needed.

However, INSIDERS can overcome this!

Trade Forex Spot Silver (XAGUSD)

Spicy Chilli is a buy or sell indicator. It will predict advance entry and exit price for you. Therefore, you can base on Chilli entry price (Red Full Dot) to buy and Chilli exit price (Red Hollow Dot) to sell. When Chilli entry price (Red Full Dot) appears, you can enter the market to buy (Long). On the other hand, when Chilli exit price (Red Hollow Dot) appears, you have to exit the market to sell (Short).

Caution: What to consider as good investment software?
1. INSIDERS signal will indicate (Top) before the price drops. It will be useless if the signal appear only after price dropped!
2. INSIDERS knows how to filter false signals. If false signals appear too many times and you repeatedly need to manually filter it,then it would be difficult for you to use.

By using Buy & Hold Strategy,
[Before red dotted line] From first signal (Red Full Dot) until next signal (Red Hollow Dot), you have earned 2,209 pips.
[After red dotted line] From the second signal (Red Hollow Dot) till current period, you have earned 5,384 pips!

Trade Forex Spot Silver (XAGUSD)

In addition, OLA can predict future trend for you. Currently, OLA started to move upwards and you must be on the alert of your trading on Spot Silver and wait for the next signal, Chilli entry price (Red Full Dot). When Chilli entry price (Red Full Dot) appears, you should close your current short position and reap the profit.

Using Buy & Hold Strategy is easy once you grasp the technique to trade. Even you have a hectic lifestyle, you can still trade in Forex Market. Fast decision can be made within minutes to monitor the chart.

With INSIDERS, trading becomes easy!


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