Do you want to be like André Kostolany (Speculator) or Warren Buffett (Investor)?

Do you want to be like André Kostolany (Speculator) or Warren Buffett (Investor)?

In life, planning is necessary and so the same goes in the stock market.
If an investor trade without a plan, very often he will encounter losses.

Before starting with any investment, the first thing you should decide is what type of investment methods you want to adopt;
Speculation? Or Investment?

Do you want to be like André Kostolany (Speculator) or Warren Buffett (Investor)?

Speculation takes short-term operation as the goal.
What speculative investors need is the right timing to enter and exit the market.
Very often, after the first round of profits, they will exit the market and wait for the next opportunity to arise to buy or sell.

Speculation does not allow investors to keep their shares.
Even when facing with losses, speculative investors must sell off their shares.
If they insist on withholding, it will undermine the principle of speculative operations.

In contrast, investment takes long-term operation as the goal.
Investors who adopt this in their trading will spot the opportunities to purchase the shares at the lowest price possible.
Then holding it for a period while waiting for the stock price to rise, and then subsequently determine the correct set time to sell.

No matters which operations is adopted, it can still help you to generate profits in the stock market.
The key points here is that you need to select your choice mode of operation that suits your trading.

If you want to succeed, you have to decide, and not keep changing yourself to suit the market situations.

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