What is your solution when the market is at its worse?

What is your solution when the market is at its worse?

Bursa Malaysia was at its peak during last April and soon after was on downward trend as forecasted by INSIDERS OLA.

How would you handle your stocks at this crucial moment?

Question: What is the stock price status? To keep or sell?

Can it be withheld? If so for how long? When is the perfect timing to sell?

The chart below show Malaysia stock AWC Berhad 7579, as a guide for you when to sell:

Malaysia stock AWC Berhad 7579

When the stock price has reached the red zone (risk zone), ready to sell.

Tip: Avoid waiting for higher price to buy. The stock has reached its peak price and may fall any time.

INSIDERS sell signal appeared, if price fell on the next day, sell to arbitrage.

OLA shows the stock future is on down trend. Abstain from buying to avoid risks.

Investment is knowing when the stocks are at its peak or low. We are here to provide investors the most easiest way scrutinize it!

Why are you still not using this sophisticated methods to make money?

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