When are you going to sharpen your saw?

creating wealth in stock market

Just ponder for a moment . . .

When are you going to sharpen your saw?

This matter is similar like investing in the stock market: When are you going to improve your investment skills?

People think that today’s society needs high educational qualifications so that when they join the workforce they can have more opportunities and advantages than others. They need a large sum of money for education and after graduation they have to seek employment to work for others.

Since people are willing to spend a substantial sum money to go for higher education, why are you not willing to equip yourself with more skills in the investment field? After acquiring, it not only allows you to earn extra income, but also allows you to achieve financial freedom.

Let money works for you “money begets further money”, rather than just working hard to earn money even when you are old.

Stranger to the stock market? Don’t know how to start investing for fear of high risks? Wanted to learn more but uncommitted?

So when do you intend to start learning?

Just think about it. . . When you are still undecided, people are already earning the money. . . happily to the banks. . .

As long as you “find the right method, using the right strategy”, investment can bring you a million net-worth of incomes!

To start learning, which methods would you select?

1. Fundamental analysis (obsolete)
2. Technical analysis (too complicated)
3. Financial news (a step slower than others)
4. Listen to grapevines TIPS (or a trap?)
5. Follow the trend setters (people buy, you buy, but earn less and loss more than others)
6. Or . . . (by self intuitions or perceptions?)

If you have a chance using the shortest possible time to learn the successful experiences of others in generating more money, will you seize it?

The opportunity is in front of you for selections and the future lies in your hands!

This is an important determinant of your success, because in investment market, when opportunities arise and you don’t enter the market, you miss the chances to make more money than others.

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