Where are the share prices heading next?

Where are the share prices heading next?

Malaysia Stock Bumi Armada (5210):

Malaysia Stock Bumi Armada 5210

Bumi Armada share price has dropped tremendously in the past six months to more than RM 1 and is still on downward trend.

Having the inclination to sell your shares; are you still hesitating to sell or withhold your shares and wait for the share price rebound?

With the share price crescendo up and down, where are the share prices heading next? Will it continue to rise or make a u-turn to fall again? The share price movement is practically difficult to predict!

Based on the chart above, Bumi Armada share although on a downward trend, but showing high trading volume! The reason is many investors do not have high accuracy of buy-sell signals, thus being incognizant, (unaware) still trade on a downtrend.

Most investors do not know how to seize the the best opportune timing to trade. While awaiting your shares price to rise, you’re not only wasting your precious time waiting, also miss the timing to trade and may also result in huge losses.

Knowing the Bumi Armada share trend scenario, will you still withhold this share?

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