Why I buy and …

Why I buy and …

If you see the chart Malaysia stock XOX BHD (0165) , you will notice that the trading volume increased after the stock price fell. Why are so many people approaching the stock when its price fell?

Now it hovers around 20¢.

While the stock is been speculated, when do you think is the best time to trade?

INSIDERS investment software can help you find XOX best approach timing.

Refer to the following chart: Malaysia stock XOX BHD 0165
Malaysia stock XOX BHD 0165

XOX’s trading guide:

Buy before the price rise: OLA up, RICH buy signal occurs, next day the stock rise, buy and hold it.
Sell before the stock decline: OLA down, RICH sell signal occurs, next day price fell, sell and take profit.

INSIDERS signal allows you to buy or sell at the right timing regardless of stocks that are speculated by fund managers and syndicates.

To succeed, we must be a step ahead of others. Be proactive and take immediate action now rather than just wishful thinking! Kindly contact us for further information!

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