Will the retail price of petrol be going up again?

Will the retail price of petrol be going up again? Will it be the seventh straight weeks of gains?

Malaysia has implemented a policy of updating the retail price of gasoline and diesel on weekly basis from March 29, 2017. New petrol prices will be announced every Wednesday and it will take immediate effect at 12.00 midnight.

Malaysia’s gasoline prices have been experiencing six consecutive rising and will it be going up again tomorrow Wednesday?

Let’s have a look at the following international RBOB gasoline real futures prices, RBOB Gasoline futures symbol: RB

RBOB Gasoline futures symbol: RB

Recently, international gasoline futures prices are coming down, while Malaysia petrol price is going up from RM2.12 per litre to RM2.15, now a rise of 3 cents!


Apparently, the petrol prices have gone up for the past six consecutive weeks. Will it go up or down again this week?

While international gasoline prices are falling, why are petrol prices in Malaysia keep rising?

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