British Petroleum investment

British Petroleum investment

London City – ( A typical Financial District ) is one of the truly International Financial Markets. Nowadays technology and communication advancement allow investors a breakthrough its geographical restrictions for a quick access to the world financial news. With the apparent market transparency, profitable investments in overseas markets can be an option.

BP 6-month analysis chart.


British Petrochemical Corporation has emerged as one of the world’s largest private oil Companies.

According to the chart above, at the pink area, OLA lines show a downward trend – not the right timing to enter market.

Subsequently when the OLA lines show an upward trend, based on the buy signal, is time to enter the BP stock.

Opportunity features:
1. When OLA detected the relative high position based on the sell signal, you are advised to sell, as the share price has slightly retreated or you can temporarily arbitrage.
2. You can also continued to hold until the OLA show a decline.

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