Buy low sell high with INSIDERS (beyond the technical method)

Buy low sell high with INSIDERS (beyond the technical method)

The stock market started rallying at the end of 2016. However, of late it has slowed down (KLCI current indicate the stock market is at shaky zone). Many investors are worried that their withholding stocks are not showing any sign of rising. Conversely, stocks that are not been purchased are rising! Moreover, some investors are in doldrums and unsure on which good shares to invest owing to lack of knowledge.

Depending on fundamentals alone is not good enough, as not all the good fundamentals stock prices will rise to ensure investors make money. Thus resulting in many investors are fearful of buying stocks. If you are seeking to make fast money, it is a necessary to select speculated stocks buying it at the right timing to make profits.

Here is a suggestion:

You can approach the stock market according to INSIDERS‘s investment software signal.

Kindly refer to the following stock, Malaysian stock IFCA MSC BHD (IFCAMSC 0023). It shows OLA upward trend in the green level (safe zone), BOTTOM price / green buy signal appears, next day the stock price rise, buy and withhold it, await profiting …

Malaysian stock IFCA MSC BHD (IFCAMSC 0023)

Most investors are concern on how / where to set stop loss price.

You are worried that stocks you bought are not rising and may cause you great losses! Here is a solution that can over – ride your concerned, if you can trade according to our signals!

As an example, if you enter the market based on our BOTTOM price signal, your stop loss points are at low risks; as they are set only at the low price one or two days prior to the appearance of BOTTOM price signal.

Learn this method, your investment will be more steady (OLA can predict the future trend), abstaining you to enter at the high price (RAINBOW can analyze stock’s high and low parts), thus indirectly increase your success rate!

Applying technical analysis method using support and resistance lines as a reference, can’t really determine its support and resistance levels and thus you are subjected to high risks.

With our investment method, its not only abstain you from entering at high prices, but also allow to sell at high prices. Green level / safe zone not only helps you to analyze the bottom prices to buy, but with the combination BOTTOM price signal, “buy low, sell high” is achievable.

With such an opportunity, why not grasped it? Sign up with our INSIDERS now!

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