Understanding stock trading in just 3 minutes

Understanding stock trading in just 3 minutes

How does a novice start investing in stocks?

To rely on stocks to make money, you need efforts, concentration and knowledge.

#1: Stock novice needs to overcome the initial psychological fear of investment and also the fear of losing money in the stock market.

#2: Determining the stocks to buy in the market.

#3: What to do in the event if the stock rise immediately after purchasing? Or the stock stuck sideways and decision taking to sell or not at the cost expense of the processing fee has to be made?

Besides investment fund availability and mastering the trading skills, investors must also evaluate how much losses they can sustain.

There are diversified investment tools in the market to assist investors to simplify their stocks analysis of the market trend, so as to facilitate them to make investment decisions.

However, not all available tools in the market are effective for investors.

Here is the chart for your reference, if you buy and sell according to INSIDERS investment software signals, what is your likely winning percentage and profit rate?

Everyone has their own risk-taking capacity, let’s see how we can reduce your risks and increase your profits.

Here is our example of Complete Logistic Services Bhd (COMPLET 5136):

Complete Logistic Services Bhd (COMPLET 5136)

The following data is an illustration from INSIDERS chart:

If approach follow the green buy signal of INSIDERS:

Buy signal: INSIDERS’s RICH green buy signal
Average buying price: RM 0.72 (buy when the volume low – too late to enter if await until the huge volume appears)
Stop Loss: RM 0.68 (the low price one or two days prior to the appearance of buy signal, very low risk)
Current price range: RM 1.10 ~ RM 1.15

Buy: 1,000 units
Capital: RM 720
Currently profit: RM 400 / 57%

Buy: 10,000 units
Capital: RM 7,200
Currently profit: RM 4,000 / 57%

INSIDERS the low risks, high profits investment method:

Buy low sell high investment method: buy
# 1: Stock price reaches green level.
# 2: OLA grey trend line turn up.
# 3: Buy signal appears, the next day stock price rise, buy and hold it.

Buy low sell high investment method: sell
# 1: Stock price reaches red level.
# 2: OLA grey trend line turn down.
# 3: Sell signal appears, the next day stock price falls, sell.

If you are unable to get an ideal return from the stock market, the only way is to making changes on your trading method.

INSIDERS can help you seize the perfect timing to enter the market to buy the stock surge points!

Sign up our software if you are confident that it can help you.

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