INSIDERS restrain you from being a right side trader

INSIDERS restrain you from being a right side trader

In the market, experienced traders should be made aware that right side trading is riskier than the left side trading method.

From the technical analysis point of view, the right side trading reflects a clearer market uptrend, and providing traders the buy signal to buy the stock at that time. Unfortunately, when the traders enter the market, the price would have already changed (ie. either risen or fallen). Therefore, it is very risky.

Basing on right side trading, traders are easily ensnared by the market. In the end, losses may surmount profits.

If you do not want to be controlled by the market, INSIDERS can help you!

Please refer to following chart: Straits Times Index STI

Singapore Futures Straits Times Index STI

So, is left side trading method risker?

Trend reversal trading method is a mean trade against the market forces. It forecast the bottom or top of market and trade when the current market trend is in an uncertainty. Nobody can ascertain when the trend will end. Traders buying at this time may face the risk that the money invested may be stuck in the market.

This is a very challenging method and not everyone can succeed using this strategy. It consumes your time, money and energy and you may end up getting nothing from it. Efforts expanded do not assure you of getting a high investment return and the winning percentage rate is unpredictable.

If there is a new trading method better than right or left side trading would you like to try?

11 years ago, INSIDERS strategized an easy to use buy low and sell high method to help investors profit from the market.

OLA grey line helps you to catch high and low: Bottom part (the bottom 2 grey line)
#1: STI index reaches bottom part of OLA.
#2: OLA grey line turning to an uptrend.
#3: RICH’s Buy signal / Tipping point appeared, the index of next day up, buy and hold it. Allowing you to buy at a relatively low price.

OLA grey line helps you to catch high and low: Top part (the top 2 grey line)
#1: STI index reaches top part of OLA.
#2: RICH’s Sell signal appeared, the index of next day drops, sell it. Allowing you to sell at a substantially high price.
#3: Currently it is a good time to short sell STI at a relatively high price.
(STI index is a two ways investment market and profits can be generated either buy long or short.)

In addition, INSIDERS’s OLA grey line will help you to predict the future movements of STI index. Thus increase your winning percentage rate.

It is safe with low risk than right side trading. (Buy before it bounces up and sell before the market turns down)

It relatively ensure current market trend is safely monitored than the left side trading. (Future movements are predicted, high-accuracy signals are displayed in advance thus lower the risk!!) 

By this investment method, you do not have to chase on high price.

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