How to choose the right stocks for your investment?

How to choose the right stocks for your investment?

Stock selection is equivalent to multi-target random selections. Are you facing with dilemmas in choosing stocks?

Stocks are usually chosen from two aspects:
First, based on the fundamentals —— the long-term variety selections
Second, based on technicalities —— the short-term variety selections
Which is the easier of the two methods to adopt?

INSIDERS choose neither one of them; but the third choice, according to trading profits; to select profitable stocks. This is because profitable stocks allow you to generate profits; while the downtrend share which have good fundamentals and the technicals will not generate any profits for you and bring losses.

It doesn’t matter whether is short-term or long-term, what is important is that as long as, you can generate profits from your purchased rising stocks.

Many people believed that long-term holdings can earn dividends from the Company; but in actuality, do you realized that the Company stock’s price will fall after the Company has distributed its dividends to its stocks holders?

This is equivalent to using the dividends to pay for yourself isn’t?

The following is a six months chart for Homeriz 5160 —— a stock filtered from INSIDERS’s Stock Scanner:

Malaysia stock HOMERIZ

The price for Homeriz 5160 has risen to about 125%!

If you buy and sell the stocks based on INSIDERS’s buy-sell signals regardless of the time period but just follow the trading signals to trade, you can definitely leave with a profit!

Only the right stocks selection will pave you the path to success, but be aware of the pit-falls of the stock market!

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