Do not fall into the illusive of Malaysia stock “TROP” trap!

Do not fall into the illusive of Malaysia stock “TROP” trap!

The purpose of investing is to create wealth from the stock market.

Do you consider buying stocks that bring losses and selling stocks that bring profits as an investment?

Or it’s just pure gambling? Buying stocks and expect its price to rise yet unwilling to sell even when its price reached its high and still expect it to rise further? Unfortunately, when the price starts to drop, isn’t too late to sell?

This is called the psychology of greed.

In the stock market, you should not have a “greed” mentality. You should leave once there are profits gained. Profits are better than losses.

Many people mistaken that high-risk stocks can generate high-profits as a return. Actually this is not true. In fact you should minimize risks as far as possible when you are in the entire market.

One important points here: Seizing Investment opportunities is indeed very important.

Do you think TROP 5401 is currently suitable to invest ?

Malaysia stock TROP 5401

From the chart above, it clearly shows that TROP 5401 is not suitable to invest now, as its share price is in a declining phase.

However, many investors will virtually fell into the trap when there is a slight rise in the share price in the market, creating the misconception that the price is beginning to rebound but in actual fact, its price will fall even lower (OLA shows a downward trend).

Therefore understanding the timing to buy and sell stocks in the market is very important. By looking at the share prices going up or down, it won’t give you any profit at all; it will only tie up your money!

Have you been caught by illusive stocks in the market?

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