Forex EURUSD Pair

Forex EURUSD Pair Hold Long or Short?

The commonest way in Forex trading is by using “Day Trade” to earn profits from pips differences. Other than day trading; is there another less risky way to trade in Forex?

Certainly Yes!

In fact, Forex can also be traded by using “Buy and Hold Strategy”. Yet, most traders fear using this method as it involves high risks. Forex’s currency price is highly volatile and you may face huge losses if your analysis and interpretation is wrong. Thus, this method is rarely used by traders.

EURUSD chart

“Buy and Hold Strategy” is another alternative, provided that you have high accuracy signals. How can we do that?

As shown in the chart above, Spicy Chilli will provide advance entry and exit price to notify you the timing to buy and sell. Spicy Chilli entry price (Red Hollow Dot) means go short, while exit price (Red Full Dot) means go long.

It is as simple as that!

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