Taiwan stock Qisda Corp revenues hit a new high in September this year

According to news’ reports, Taiwan stock Qisda Corp (2352) announced its DMS (Design, Manufacturing and Service)’s revenue has increased by 20.9% compared to last year – a new record in nearly 6 years.

Does an increase in revenue brings any guarantee that the stock price will also increase? Not necessary so!

Fundamental analysis is outdated and no longer useful to analyse market conditions.

So how can investors determine the stock price movements?

Taiwan stock Qisda Corp 2352

Based on the chart above, you can enter the market when buy-signal (Green Bar) appears if the share price rises on the next day. On the other hand, when sell-signal (Red Bar) appears and the share fall tomorrow then it’s time to exit the market.

INSIDERS can warn you the best timing to exit the market before the share price drop drastically. Besides this, OLA can also alert you in advance on the future trend of the stocks.

According to the signals in the chart above, you could buy the stocks on June 27, 2014; withhold it and then sell on July 17, 2014. Within a short period of 21 days, you would have earned profits of NT$ 5.05.

For your information, our INSIDERS is not only available in Malaysia market, but it also support other international markets such as: Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

With INSIDERS, investors can use the same investment strategy (buy low sell high) within the different country to earn substantial investment returns.

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