How to prevent earned money from losing at investment

How to prevent earned money from losing at investment

Encountering the right timing problem to sell off your stock on hand after investment?

Most investors after entering the market, spend precious time staring at the screen awaiting for the stock price to rise. Eventually the stock price rise but uncertain whether it is the right time to dispose off the stock, thus causing the profits to slip away when the stock price falls again.

How to prevent earned money from losing?

See the chart Malaysia Stock UNISEM 5005 below :

Malaysia Stock UNISEM 5005

Using OLA to observed the market trend: OLA goes up all the way, use tipping point position or green buy signal to enter market at low price. OLA begins to move down, with red sell signal appearing, sell high.

In other words, before the stock plummeted, you’ve already left the market with profits.

Share price move up all the way until the red zone (risky zone), indicating the stock price is at the high position and when OLA turn downward, red sell signal will appear before the stock price fall.

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