US Stock Twitter a low-risk investment stock?

US Stock Twitter a low-risk investment stock?

Facts on the so-called low-risk investment:

1. Approaching the market with lower entry price, involve lower risks.
2. Do not chase to buy high.
3. After buying the shares, sell it at the correct timing ( i.e. sell before the share price falls) in order to lock profits. If you sell after the share price has fallen, then you will incur losses.

How to effectively use the system features to achieve low-risk investment?

See the following chart: US stock Twitter Inc. (TWTR)

US stock Twitter Inc. (TWTR)

INSIDERS’s RAINBOW feature can help you identify safe zone, risk zone or fast zone.

Early in April, RAINBOW has already indicated that Twitter belongs to risky zone, meaning that its stock price is quite high at this stage, upside is limited. Be readied at any time to sell at profit taking before the stock price fall.

P/S: If you are investing in US Options, at this moments you should be readied to enter the stock, Spicy Chilli let you know the timing to start buying short at the highest point as shown by OLA signal. Just nice for short-selling opportunity to make profit.

If you have any enquiry about stock, Futures or US Options, etc., we are very happy to answer your questions.

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