The key to creating wealth

The key to creating wealth

As long as you understand the key to creating wealth; you can achieve your goal without having to worry about money.

Facts can manifest into realities!

The first key to creating wealth: Winning percentage

The second key to creating wealth: Profitability percentage

If you buy the shares at break through before the high or sell it below before the lower, the profit is limited.

There is a huge cut loss point if you buy at break through at high point. As minority traders have small capitals, so their cut loss point is limited.

If you want to earn profits from limited funds, so as to increase the winning and profitability percentage; then you have to change the method of buying.

Kindly refer to the latest technical analysis software INSIDERS, it let you grasps the tipping point to enable you to buy at before the rising point and sell it at before the time of the crash. The method to apply is to BUY LOW SELL HIGH.

The following is the latest technical analysis chart of Singapore stock Capitaland Ltd CAPL

The key to creating wealth latest technical analysis chart of Singapore stock Capitaland Ltd CAPL
Stock market profit investment techniques: (Methods as below)

The use of A.I. software stock investment INSIDERS.

Buy low sell high strategy: Buy
#1: Share price reach green level.
#2: OLA grey line turning to uptrend.
#3: RICH’s Buy signal appeared, share price of next day up, buy and hold it. Allowing me to buy at a relatively low price.

Buy low sell high strategy: Sell
#1:  Share price reach red level.
#2: OLA grey line turning to downtrend.
#3: RICH’s Sell signal appeared, share price of next day drops, sell it. Allowing me to sell at a substantially high price.

Use the investment tools to help you save money!

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