Malaysia Stock Systech (0050)

Malaysia Stock Systech (0050)

What methods are you using to trade in the Stock Market? Basing on fundamental analysis or technical analysis? Utilizing your time monitoring share board to find the best timing to enter the market?

If you have bought Systech Stocks, will you buy low sell high? Or you still can’t find the best timing to buy or sell?

Systech six month chart as below:

Malaysia Stock Systech (0050)

OLA can help you to detect high and low points and also predict future share trends.

During this six months, you can use these two methods to trade this stock:

First method: Trade when signals appear and at the same time act in tandem with high low points detected by OLA.
1. Buy when share price on low (Buy Signal)
2. Sell on rallies
Ø First profit
3. Next Signal (Tipping point) buy in
4. Sell when Sell Signal appear
Ø Second profit
5. At the 4th signal, withhold your shares as OLA show an upward trend.

Second method: During this six months, withhold your shares and do no trading.
Stays until OLA started to turn downward – just sell.

While watching the shares price fluctuating and remain undecided, you have missed the best timing and earned less profits.

With INSIDERS, it can reduce your worries. You only need a few minutes to monitor your shares and detect the shares’ high and low points.

No more in dilemma to decide the timing to enter or exit the market!

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