Malaysia Stock SKPETRO (5218)

Malaysia Stock SKPETRO (5218)

In the recent 2 months, Malaysia Stock SKPETRO (5218) has generated high trading volume. This might be due to the slight increase in share prices showing an upward trend… …

Thus it means that SKPETRO share price will rise soon and is time for a rebound?

Q: Stock prices continued to create positive market sentiments. A sign of rebound?

Malaysia Stock SKPETRO (5218)

A: No.

Q: Why are trading volumes showing high when share prices are still on a downtrend?

A: This is because share price has dropped tremendously and investors believe it is rising soon. It is just a market mirage to stimulate investors’ interest. This deception lead investors to buy stocks, hoping that the share prices will rise soon.

Actually it is not a good timing to either exit or enter the market. OLA shows that share price is still on the downtrend. It is not the best timing to trade SKPETRO stock. (OLA will show and predict share future trends)

With OLA, you can easily monitor the trend of the stock in order to avoid early or late admission in market in order to avoid losses.

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